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Snakestones 5 by Thomas Flynn II

The gold in this beautiful print is stunning. I love the intricate patterning and the loose figurative elements that are prominent in Flynn's work. 

From Flynn's product description:

High quality reproduction of Thomas Flynn II original artwork printed on BKF Reeves paper. “Edition of” means the total number of prints that will ever be printed of this artwork in that particular size. There are a small number of Gilded Prints which have hand-applied metallic gold leaf embellishments on this print available in each size.

Special Edition Gilded Prints:

16 x 16 in. edition of 5 - $150 each

20 x 20 in. edition of 5 - $210 each

24 x 24 in. edition of 5 - $275 each

30 x 30 in. edition of 3 - $375 each

36 x 36 in. edition of 3 - $495 each

All prints will be signed, numbered, and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

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