Somewhere deep inside me there is a field of flowers


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Somewhere deep inside me there is a field of flowers

Exhibition Date: October 3rd - November 7th
Artist Talk: October 10 on Instagram Live (10 am CST)

When I take the time to enter the forest of my mind, I find myself beginning to be more comforted with the way the wind whispers secrets to me. She shares how the cicadas are a symphony of energy. She told me that when raindrops fall, the clouds are sending me sullen kisses upon the top of my head. And she went on to tell me that when things appear to die they are never truly dead.
Delusionary as this may be, the tree outside my window does talk to me, sharing what it’s seen over the many years it's taken to grow its rings. I used to fear fire, until I realized she purely loves to dance and flicker in the warmth of romance. I used to live by the vanishing of hours, until the wind told me that somewhere deep inside me there is a field of flowers.

Curatorial Statement:

Somewhere deep inside of me there is a field of flowers is an exploration of love and desire. Nia Danielle Lovemore Rutledge’s women coexist on the tightrope of strength and vulnerability. They are kissed with loneliness and eroticism while holding a guarded gaze. Voluptuous bodies, pink painted nails, and fantastical landscapes seduce the viewers. The works fluctuate between strong, female warriors welding mystical weapons to women being bound and chained as they succumb to sexual pleasure. The dichotomy between autonomy and helplessness speaks to attainment of love and self-acceptance at the expense of giving up one’s armor. Extremities of internal conflict, sexuality, and sadness are gateways to Rutledge’s ongoing journey as a Black woman. The poetic obstacles and heartbreaking turmoil present in her Odyssey are ever so relatable. Despite the current and past difficulties, we witness the slow fall of each plate of armor and uncover the humanity beneath.

To Rutledge, the dullness of the sword at the end of a teary night does not mean a blade needing to be re-sharpened. It means the battles against our selves has come to an end. We cast away the weapons of destruction and walk towards the rainbow after learning the meaning of love and to be loved. 


Nia Danielle Lovemore Rutledge is an Oklahoma-born artist and youngest child of Fay and Mark Rutledge. Rutledge is an interdisciplinary artist currently practicing in Kansas City, MO. Nia Rutledge’s first love was graphite illustration as a child. She now has gone on to receive six years of training in graphic design and writing. Nia Rutledge has self-taught the arts of oil painting, animation, guitar, coding and experimental film. Rutledge currently has musical performance pieces under the names of Kinky Spooky, NO INFORMATION AVAILABLE and ARKADE KYTTY all incorporating poetry, rap, experimental film and animation. Rutledge has coded a video game under the title of “Honey Gold” and has various other RPGs under construction. Nia Rutledge has desires to commit more of her practice into illustrating, and painting. In her past time, she enjoys studying Japanese and Spanish, reading poetry, admiring the mini highland cow, playing video games, practicing yoga and picking flowers. 

Artist Talk

The artist talk was  held on Saturday, October 10th on Instagram LIVE at 10 am CST. The recording can viewed Here.

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