Vase Lover 6, 28 x 19 cm (11 x 7.5 in), Watercolour and ink on paper, 2020 (Left)

Vase Lovers 8, 28 x 19 cm (11 x 7.5 in), Watercolour and ink on paper, 2020 (Right)

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Vase Lovers

Exhibition Date: January 1 - 31, 2021
Artist Talk: Recorded Zoom talk coming soon

Leo Greenfield is sharing a series of artworks that focus on human connection. This sequence of drawings looks at the need for touch in our lives and reflects on its absence in our culture in 2020. Here characters seeking connection form, through the whimsey of line, a kind of dance where figures merge together.

Isolation has seen us retreat into our homes, and retreat also into our imagination. These drawings project upon vase-like shapes, reflections of both the real and the imagined elements of domestic life. The colours within the works have been saturated, in hope of expressing much needed optimism and then with inky lines of blue, inspired by traditional porcelain, the outline of figures emerge.

The collection seeks to create a sense of rhythm and movement, the line is created in a fashion akin to calligraphy and are intended to express a universal meditation on love, longing and desire.

Curatorial Statement:

In Vase Lovers, Leo Greenfield explores the longing for intimacy. Vases that once celebrated scenes of abundant social life turned inward. Using simple strokes and broad washes, images of showering, walking outdoors, and holding one another glaze the surface.  More than ever, we are accustomed to living with complex narratives coupled with high uncertainty. We are constantly thinking about navigating the world with safety precautions and risks. Greenfield distilled and extracted what we desire the most in its most elemental state. 

The most endearing quality about the pieces are their overall humility. The works are truly honest and pure. They exude this quiet confidence and integrate into any space they inhabit. They never present themselves as unannounced acquaintances in a home, but loving friends and family you rely on. We sometimes forget about them due to their meekness and reserved beauty. Never overbearing, Greenfield’s art feels like a kind embrace that washes away all of our burdens. These vases carry gentle reminders of life worth living and renew us with hope. 


Leo Greenfield is an artist whose works concentrate on documenting the ever-changing space of street life and culture. On paper and online, Greenfield expresses the silhouette and patterns of contemporary dress, creating intimate portraits of people and places drawn from memory. Educated at the University of Adelaide and theVictorian College of Arts, Greenfield has since developed his art practice while living
and exhibiting in Japan, France, USA and the UK.

Greenfield’s drawing practice, currently based in Sydney, Australia, combines traditional techniques with contemporary social media. Such projects has seen him collaborate with brands such as Tiffany & Co. and Chanel and published works with Hardie Grant Books, Vogue, Harper’s BAZAAR, WISH Magazine and The Adelaide Review. Today Greenfield continues to document daily life with his unique brand of
visual anthropology.

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