JUNE 5 - JULY 11, 2021

Musik is proud to present perennial's cradle, a virtual solo exhibition by Fuko Ito. The exhibit will be found on the website (www.musikbynarong.com) in addition to an online store to purchase works. A collector's preview will be held the day before the public exhibition opening date. Those who sign up for the newsletter will receive the early collector’s access to the exhibition page and online store one day.

An artist talk will be held on Zoom (Date TBA), where Musik and Ito will talk about the exhibit and let the viewers get up close with the works.

Exhibition Statement:

perennial's cradle imagines and visualizes the emotional nests we make for ourselves, together with others. I have assembled and reassembled many nests just for myself or have invited those who I trust to nestle and snuggle with me as I fold in time. I have also been confined into nests where I was burdened with fear, overprotection and distrust. These drawings with my plush creatures fumblys cradled into various textural states reflect how we singularly and collectively navigate flux feelings to continually make enduring and regenerative emotional nests to safely nestle our hearts in. As viewers join me in visiting these various sites of indulgence and emergence, I hope you are guided to float through the spectrum of isolation and connection as we mend and tend together.

-Fuko Ito


Fuko Ito hails from Kobe, Japan where she grew her love for storytelling through reading books and comics. She moved to the US to study printmaking and drawing and currently resides and works in Lexington, KY as an artist and educator. Through drawing and storytelling, Fuko hopes to take her viewers onto a plushy, heartfelt journey to an imagined, soft alternate universe inhabited by a community of naked and radically soft creatures known as fumblys.

Plush is a texture that is both soft yet firm — it is able to absorb trauma and mend itself back into shape. Fuko imagines our hearts and emotional capacities to have the same visceral effect of being bruised and healed like plush. In her drawings, she portrays naked, vulnerable creatures called fumblys in its plushy ecosystem. fumblys fill their infinite ecosystem with plush to save themselves from the collapse, fall, and heartache they experience from living among themselves.

Fuko’s creative practice in storytelling reflects on personal and collective experiences of coping, forgiving, and mending interpersonal fissures. She is driven to make images that imagine a softer and more compassionate world while reflecting on the social implications and struggles of living among a community of emotional beings.

Artist Talk Recording

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