Gabriela Fernandez

Musik is proud to feature Miami based Artist Gabriela Fernandez. Fernandez was selected from the Spring 2021 Artist Feature Open Call. Fernandez's work is both fleeting and permanent and I found the pieces very poignant. Watch the video to learn more about Fernandez' compelling practice on the body, passage of time, and memory.

"Within my work, I utilize cultural references of both the self and of place in the form of landscape and body imagery to connect the viewer to my own personal and collective narratives."- Gabriela Fernandez

Instagram: @skrabzhuk


Gabriela Fernandez was born in Havana, Cuba. Currently residing in Miami, Florida, As a first-generation immigrant taking reference from this multicultural, temporal, and migratory space. Exploring the process of dis-identification, and the existence of manifested identifications in relation to time, ephemeral space, and the disorientated body. Exploring the existence of identity through the intersection of both trauma and nostalgia from an empathic base. Looking at how the environment and unconscious movements affect the interaction between all, where the present body becomes a mirror to the associated symbiotic balance of the past, and present.


1.  What are the some of the things that inspireyour works?

A lot of my work spews from personal reflectionsof my past, family past, and the surrounding environment I encompass. Due tocertain familial structures held I’ve been pushed into this role of archivist thathas caused various threads of research towards what embodies my identity andthat of environment. This retroactive process of filling in areas is a bigfactor.

2.  Describe your process when you creating yourpieces.

For Performative work it usually begins bylooking at the specific references I’m emulating. In performance work in tyingto my self-identity, I view it as a vessel that embodies not just my currentself but the selves of all those previous of me. In performative work, it islooking back at these certain experiences and roles and how they parallel /personify to different actions around me. For other work it looks strongly at idea of reflection and piecing together,while allotting for chance to play into how these work may come.

3.  What is your most satisfying part of yourartistic practice?

The process, the middle area of when actualconducting and trialing the work is what I feel the most satisfaction. As muchas one can plan in how concept and material can work. Seeing that come intofortitions and the errors that occur along the way is euphoric. Mistakes canhelp speak on new conversations in the work or spark new strands for separateone.

4.  What are some of your career aspirations?

I think working further along in education issomething I definitely hold interest in but I am more in the long the lines oftaking everything step by step, like yes I have maybe the same aspirations asmany my age and at my career level might want. I just want to constantly belearning and I believe I best due that in communal environments.

5. What makes you the happiest person in thisworld?

To be honest it’s a difficult question, I findhappiness in the community I’ve create and has grown with me the most. Ibelieve due to relationship and trust issues I’ve developed in the past; it’sbecome difficult for me to house connections with others. So those I do have inmy life and stuck with me mean tremendously to me, and themselves with thefeeling they have become an extension of me and each individual a space where Ifeel mutual care for and adoration.

Zoom Artist Talk Recording:

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