Gabriela Fernandez

Zoom Artist Talk: Sunday, March 28th, 2021 @ 2 pm CST/3 pm EST 

Zoom Meeting ID: 839 6692 3993 (No Password Required)

Musik is proud to feature Miami based Artist Gabriela Fernandez. Fernandez was selected from the Spring 2021 Artist Feature Open Call. Fernandez's work is both fleeting and permanent and I found the pieces very poignant. Please join us for an artist talk with Fernandez!

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"Within my work, I utilize cultural references of both the self and of place in the form of landscape and body imagery to connect the viewer to my own personal and collective narratives."- Gabriela Fernandez


Gabriela Fernandez was born in Havana, Cuba. Currently residing in Miami, Florida, As a first-generation immigrant taking reference from this multicultural, temporal, and migratory space. Exploring the process of dis-identification, and the existence of manifested identifications in relation to time, ephemeral space, and the disorientated body. Exploring the existence of identity through the intersection of both trauma and nostalgia from an empathic base. Looking at how the environment and unconscious movements affect the interaction between all, where the present body becomes a mirror to the associated symbiotic balance of the past, and present.

They Seek to Glimmer

Exhibition Date: February 6th - March 13th, 2021
Artist Talk: Sunday, February 21st, 2021 @ 10 am CST via Zoom

They Seek to Glimmer highlights and amplifies a sense of emotional vulnerability in relation to living as a queer person in our contemporary context. This solo exhibition by Juan Arango Palacios pairs moments of insecurity, heartbreak, sadness, resilience, prosperity, and friendship with personified characters in order to create a narrative that places the queer experience at center stage. By depicting intimate interactions among lovers and friends, these drawings bring forth the idea of chosen family and the importance of community and emotional support among folks who aren’t included within the cis-hetornormative norm. These works aim to expose dysphoria and self-doubts revolving around topics of romance, gender expression, and sexual orientation. Drawing from their own personal experience,their cultural roots, and modern-day internet culture, Juan creates images that reveal an affectionate complexity of everyday life. Delicate flowers become lively portraits, flashy clowns overcome their fears and insecurities, and references to make up and fashion crazes bring these images to a more familiar and relatable level. Drawing as a medium provides clarity and intimacy, given that the small scale of these works is meant to be admired at an individual and personal level. Juan invites the viewer to share a moment of familiarity with these drawings and, for the time being, just let their feelings run their course.

Skin Hunger

Exhibition Date: February 8th - March 13th, 2021
Artist Talk: Sunday, February 28th, 2021 @ 10 am CST via Zoom

The tiny futuristic forest-scapes in Skin Hunger are created during a therapeutic collection process, where I go on walks and hikes to gather trash and organic materials that fascinate me: tiny mushrooms, branches, weathered pieces of plastic. I combine these with mass-produced materials, usually products that modify or mediate the body. The work explores observations about personal relationships, microcosms of larger shared experiences. I confront disorientation in the work: the disorientation of moving between urban environments and rural environments, technology-moderated relationships and embodied experiences. The onset of COVID has made the work more therapeutic and more prescient: the very machines and methods of production that compounded ecological change, introducing a pandemic, are also what keeps us alive and connected.  On a deeper level, the work is about my struggle with control and illusion, and how this plays out in personal relationships. I’m also fascinated by how these themes are mirrored in human relationships to nature (control) and in nature itself (illusion – camouflage, mating dances, threatening posturing etc.).  Skin Hunger is not just a meditation on the impact of COVID, but a musing on the future of collective human experience, increasingly mediated by machines: a way of processing how technology creates a different landscape of social distance, and natural connection, a push and pull between alienation and intimacy. 

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